Sep 23, 2011

Escape (A Flash Fiction)

17 Adele - Someone Like You (Live Acoustic)

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Devon looked around her home. Everywhere she looked reminded her of what she longs to forget.  Today she decided to take a walk in the park to escape the memories that seems to be suffocating her in the apartment. 

But the walk was no escape either.  She hoped that the blue skies and the soft summer breeze will give her the much needed break.  But the peaceful walk has become a nightmare. 

A few feet away from her, Devon saw him.  He has her back against her. She can recognize that figure from anywhere. The tall figure that was just a few inches above hers, the short and soft hair where she would frequently run her fingers into, the sculpted back she would often let her hands travel on.  Who would forget?  It has been few months already but it seems just like yesterday.

But Devon cannot run towards him.  That time nor act was no longer hers to make.  She stood, rooted to her position, trying to ignore the nagging voice in her head, “Go. Just leave. There’s nothing to expect anymore.”

But her feet won’t take the step. She stood there.  Devon can’t tell how long she has been watching his back.  She kept whispering, “Look at me, just once.” But her mind was urging her to leave, just how much pain does she want to handle?

Then he turned, and looked at her direction.  Devon’s breath caught in her throat.  Their eyes met and she felt that her heart skipped a beat, or maybe two.  He tentatively looked around and then his gaze settled on Devon’s direction again. 

Nobody broke the stare, nobody looked down or tried to avert their eyes.  Devon was not even distracted by the strand of her hair that fell from the tight ponytail.  He did not move even when a group of noisy children passed by. 

Will he take a step, Devon thought.  If he does, what will I do? But she got ahead of herself. For minutes passed and  nobody took a step forward.  She wanted to run towards him, unleash her anger, frustrations and at the same time love him and tell him how much she has missed him.  It took all her self-control to keep herself from doing that. 

But the silent conversation of their eyes was finally broken when somebody called his name.  It’s her, Devon thought and she was right.  There she was, walking down with a couple of plastic bags on her hand.  The truth was difficult to deny when it is already smacked on your face.  For there she was, leaning on his side, while Devon was standing several feet away. 

Devon could not deny what she is seeing.  The girl’s curved womb was a telltale sign.  They already have their own package of joy, while she, Devon, remained a lonely soul. 

Devon’s eyesight became hazy.  There were thousands of questions, but she knows that these will never be answered now.  The tears silently rolled down her cheeks.  She took one look of the man whom she loved for years and the woman who was able to fulfil his needs.  She took one  look and then turned. 

She took a step forward and she knew, that it will take more than one step to recover what she has lost, her heart.  She did not see the man looking towards her direction again. Seeking her eyes, with something of a hint of regret in his own. 

Devon continued walking, the sun’s rays were now too warm. She remembered,  he once whispered in her ear, while they were laying on the soft green grass. While she was cradled on the crook of his arm and the enwrapped with the heat of his embrace, he whispered, “sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.”  


Anonymous said...

ang sakit sakit naman nito. pigil na pigil ako na di mapaiyak. :'( pero sobrang ganda.

bLaCk VaNiTy said...

..ganda ate bite!..superb!.. kakalungkot lng.. pwede may kasunod? hahabulin ni guy (you-know-who) si Devs tapos..kaw na po bahala dumugtong..haha.. <3 it! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Pwede po bang dugtungan niyo ito?
PLEASE ate bite!!!
Ang pinaka una ko pong nabasang fanfic ay yung "Chances" na isinulat niyo po!
Ikaw na ang reyna!!!

Anonymous said...

how sad peo ang cute ng story... sa bagay ndinman lging happy ending ang lahat...

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