Aug 19, 2011

When The Fireworks Begin (Waiting)


Just like that, like a flick of a hand, it was already afternoon. Waiting can make you look at time differently. Sometimes it is too slow for comfort. Sometimes, like today, it shows no mercy.  It passes by so quickly that you felt everything was in a fast forward.  You feel that somebody is wishing everything to end quickly. 

James felt something cold fell on his should. He glanced at it and saw a raindrop.  The single drop was followed by a slow drizzle.  James slowly walked towards the lone tree on that sad hill. But the drizzle ended quickly as it began, leaving the grass on that lonely hill asking for more water to quench their thirst. 

“Why do you that?” James asked loudly. He was talking to anybody who was willing to hear.

“Why do you give things to people or any living thing, then take them away immediately,” James groaned. 

James heard crunches of gravel and a motor sound. He looked around and saw a car pulling over next to his.  He shook his head and wished it was not one of his friends who visited him frequently these past few days. He prefers to do his waiting on his own. Alas, it was Aleli. James took his eyes of continued to view the busy panorama of the city. 

“I am not going home,” James stated before Aleli could say anything.

Aleli became quiet, sharing a moment of silence. James relaxed a bit, thinking that she is not there to convince him anyway.

“She’s not coming back, James,” she said in a straight voice.

“She will,” James thought. “Everything that you told me was a lie. She is coming back.”

“I am not lying,” Aleli sighed.

James snickered. Aleli threw him a look.

“You’ve been wasting your life here,” Aleli insisted. James shook his head and refused to look at the girl beside her. Aleli continued. “She does not want you to be like this. She wants you to live your life.”

Something burst in James. He angrily looked at Aleli, “Who are you to tell me what she wants and does not want? She is my wife. I know she’ll be back.”

Aleli looked straight and James.  Eventually, she averted her eyes.  It is hopeless to talk him like this.  It is so sad to see him suffering like this.  She took something out of her pocket and handed it to James before turning around. 

James eyed the small box wrapped in fancy paper.  “What is this?” he asked.

Aleli looked at him, sadly.  “It’s your Christmas gift.” Without waiting for any reply, she turned and walked towards her car.

James did not look when Aleli’s car pulled out of grassy hill.  He looked at the box. He opened it slowly. Inside he saw a watch.  He placed the lid of the box again and slid the it into his pocket. 

It is Christmas and bowed his head.  All he wanted as a gift was her.


letsirkako said...

an0 to continuation ba t0 sa last chapter na ginawa mo? or new? im clueless while reading this....

it'sJUSTme said...

ang galing! posted na! thanks for this!

paano kaya umalis si devon?


Amhae Ducusin said...

I got goosebumps while reading this. You're a great writer. Actually, i had all Chances' chapters printed and i shared it to my friends, they even liked it :D

mitch_competente said...

grabehhhh iba ka talaga Miss Biteme...thumbs up na ako saiyo!!!

Jexy said...

next na po please :)

Anonymous said...

mare, kelan ang next chapter? atat lang... hehehe

Anonymous said...

i read this chap again, and yah is this d ending?

Anonymous said...

finally..i can now post comment..tnx ms bite..curious tlg me how devon left..i almost cry while reading c-6..galing u..nkk-awa c james..devon wer r u.. Casey here waiting 4 d update..

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