Apr 19, 2013

When the Fireworks Begin (Memories)


The sun is again slowly taking refuge behind the mountain peaks.  Once in a while, a small sliver of light will fly across the slowly darkening sky. Once in a while, a small boom will shatter the quiet afternoon.

He was now sitting on one of the benches under the trees, quietly observing the slowly mounting excitement and activity in the city below him. 

In a few minutes, the sun will be completely hidden. In a few hours, the night sky will be ablaze. 

“She’s not coming, James,”  a soft voice said behind him.

There’s no need for him to turn around to know who’s speaking. After all, he has heard that voice all his life. 

A few minutes has passed, a distant boom of the canon shattered their silence. 

“James,” he heard it again.

“Please, Dad. Don’t tell me she won’t be coming,” his voice pleading. 

He has been holding on the last few strands of belief that she will come back tonight. 

“The fireworks begin tonight,” he reasoned, his voice quivering.  “She promised she will be back before fireworks.”

“She isn’t James,” his father once again told him.  He walked towards him and placed a camcorder on James’ lap. “She left this for you.”

James looked at the camcorder.

“We will wait for you at home,” his father stated before leaving.


Anonymous said...

“She promised she will be back before fireworks.”


Anonymous said...

you are so brilliant writer.., your jaevon fanfics are the best..

Anonymous said...

binubuhay mo ang pusong hiyas ko! wag ka po sanang tumigil sumulat ng jaevon fanfics! plssss. ms.author! :)

Anonymous said...


- nayrjade

Anonymous said...

:'( may happy ending 'to writer huh!!!

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