Apr 10, 2013

When the Fireworks Begin (More Waiting)

When will this waiting game end, James feebly thought.  His legs have cramped for staying in one position. But he fears that he if makes just one move, he will miss something.  Maybe a little stretch would not hurt. 

When Aleli left, he went back into his car.  As if to punish him for his insolence, the drizzle returned and became hard-pouring rain.  It lasted for several minutes.  The soil became soggy, the grass drowned from too much water and then the rain gradually stopped. 

He was hoping for a rainbow.  His wife loves rainbows, she said that they were magical. Perhaps, if a rainbow will appear today he could wish for her back. 

He searched the sky. He waited.  But no rainbow appeared. 

Another pair of footsteps.  Why don’t they stop interrupting, James sighed.

A large hand touched his shoulders.  He looked over and saw Ivan.  Dark circles were also under his eyes. 

“You have to go home and rest, James,” Ivan said, trying to convince.

James refused to acknowledge what he said.  All of them wanted him to go home, but he will not budge from this place.

“She’s not coming back,” Ivan whispered.  James looked at him.  Ivan is one of Devon’s closest friends, why would they doubt her?

“She will,” James answered, trying to convince him but he sounded as if he was also convincing himself.

“She’s not,” Ivan said dejectedly.

“She promised,” James won’t concede.  Promises are what made them reach this far. Their promises to each other were all they have.  “She’s not going to break her promise.”


Anonymous said...

Will wait till eternity..... thanks lola bite :)

- nayrjade

asdfghjklyka said...

may hinala na ako sa mangyayari lola bite :( next chappie pls :)

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