Oct 11, 2010

Chances (Chapter Fifteen)

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XV.  Back at Square One

Devon was quietly sitting in the middle of a quiet church in Aurora Hill, in Baguio. James left her in La Union yesterday.  Even though alone, she decided to continue the trip and looked for a hotel room. Good thing is that it is now a peak season for tourists, that time of the year. 

Soon after checking-in a hotel, soon after her back touched the bed, she started to sob.  She cried until no more tears would fall.  She cried until her throat hurts.  She cried until she fell asleep, in the middle of the bed, with the raindrops softly tapping the window. 

Devon was dry-eyed when she emerged out of hotel room. She was composed, and the only evidence of her hard night was her puffed and red eyes which she hid behind her sunglasses.  She ate half of her breakfast, emptied out her coffee cup, and left the hotel. She traced her steps until she reached the church where she is sitting right now.

Unlike the Cathedral, this church was small in comparison.  It is far from the bustle of tourists. It was quiet and serene.  Devon was seated on the front pew. The sunlight was passing through the stained glass, creating dancing and colored lights on the church floor. 

Devon closed her eyes and remembered what happened in the same church six months ago. 


Six months ago…

Devon and James have been together for almost more than a year and a half.  And it was the best and happiest days of their lives. They have been together for more than a year.  Nobody could say it was smooth sailing.  Just like in any other relationships, they would often fight, but theirs would end in sweet moments and trying to make-up for the impatience and harsh words that they would say.

Pretty much a normal relationship, James thought.  Normal but sensational.

They were walking in the middle of Baguio, early in the morning.  They decided to spend the weekend in Baguio, to remember the month that they were in a “unlucky” Baguio trip which changed their lives forever.

They were walking hand in hand and absorbing the quiet morning. James looked at the woman walking beside him. He felt his heart swelling for the love for this woman.  He doesn’t know it was possible to love this way, or love this much. 

Devon’s simple gestures always get him off guard. Just the other day, a simple breakfast greeted him on the table. A packed lunch with a sweet note on top. Devon meticulously prepared it for him, dropping it by at his house, although her apartment was almost an hour away from his home. She showered him with love but never made him feel like a caged animal. 

James did not notice that he was squeezing Devon’s hand.  Devon felt the pressure and looked at James. She gave him one of those dazzling smiles, “Is there anything wrong?”

James smiled back and shook his head, “Nothing. I just feel so happy. Let’s go inside the church.”

They slowly walked towards a small and quiet church on the top of the hill. The early mass has just ended and people are leaving the church quietly.  The old parishioners would greet them with a smile. And the young couple would smile back. 

What a good looking couple, some of them would think. 

Once inside the church, they were greeted with the serenity of the place.  Something warm came over James and he knew. Right at the moment he stepped his foot in the church door. This is the place.  Devon took a deep breath at the same he did. James looked at Devon.  Devon answered him with a smile.

James pulled Devon towards the pews and they sat.  They were silent for a while. James was not letting Devon’s hand go. Devon smiled and pulled her hand away for a while to wipe away her face. 

James looked at his empty hand. James was looking at it and he realized something that made his stop beating and get hurt. 

James grabbed Devon’s both hands and looked at her.

Devon was caught off guard and was startled with James’ actions.  “What’s wrong, baby?”

James swallowed. “I looked at my hand when you took yours away,” James started without blinking.  “It was empty.”

Devon stared back pulling her hand away and looking at James’ palm, “Of course, it’s empty.” Trying to make a joke out it but she stopped when she James’ seriousness.

“It was empty,” James said. “And I don’t like it being empty.”

James grasped at Devon’s hand again and slid her fingers between his.  “Your hand can feel in the spaces so it won’t be empty again.”

Devon looked bewildered.  Caught off-guard.  She does not want to assume anything, “I will be with you, I will never leave you.”

James closed his eyes. He started to wipe his eyes dry and stood up, looking for something.  James picked something up from the floor, it was a rubber band.  James took Devon’s hand, “Will you marry me?”

Devon’s tears started to roll down her cheeks.

“Please, tell me,” James. “Will you marry me? Because  I don’t want to be empty again.”

Devon started to sob. James held her face in between in his hands. “Of course. I would marry you,” Devon answered.

James kissed Devon on the lips and hugged her tight.  In Devon’s engagement finger, James slipped and coiled the rubber band.  And they started to laugh, startling the birds on windows of the church.


Devon remembered everything, as if it just happened yesterday. The church has somehow changed into a sadder air. Devon got up from the front chair. She walked outside of the church.  It was bright and sunny day.

She walked a bit father before she took the phone out of bag and dialled a familiar number.  After a few seconds the phone started to ring.  When the familiar voice came on the line, she answered with voice trembling but with resolve, “I’m letting you go.”   After that she ended the call.

Devon was fighting back the tears and started to dial another number. “I’m going home,” when a female voice came online.

“Devon,”  Freya shouted. “Yen, it’s Devon!”  Devon heard footsteps.  “Where are you? We are worried. James is back in Manila already, since last night. But you were not with him.”

Devon paused for a moment, before answering. “He’s gone. I’m letting him go.”

“What?” Yen shouted on the phone. “Don’t tell me you’re giving up?”

“I didn’t give up,” Devon answered. “He made his choice and I wanted him to be happy.”

“Devon,” Freya started, but Devon interrupted.

“I’m fine,” she explained. “I’ll be fine.”  She ended the call.

I would be fine, Devon thought.  Then she took the ring off her finger and placed inside her pocket. It needs to get back to its owner.


James has just received the shortest call in his entire life.  He never knew that call less than ten seconds would have such a big impact on him.

I’m letting you go, Devon said. And then she abruptly ended the call. Not waiting for him to answer. 

Why is it then, that a part of him was feeling so empty, right now. James was staring at his phone for a long time.

“James,” Allie asked.

James looked at Allie. That’s right I have made a choice. But why is it that I am not that confident anymore?

And then sudden flashes came back to him again.

Small church.

Hands holding.

His hand holding a rubber band.

James looked at his hand. It’s empty, he said.  Allie called at him again. He closed his hand and started to walk towards her.


Liana said...

My gosh. Next chaptie na po agad nakakabitin eh.. hehe .. THe story keep on getting exciting... James! Ibalik mo na ang memorya mo! Kawaang kawawa si Devon! Lubayan mo na si allie! Go to Devon! As in now na! Hehehe. Affected me. hehe. Ms. Bite galing mo talaga gumawa ng fanfic. After this fanfic. Gwa ka ulit ng bago. hehehe

bellie017 said...


sana bumalik na ang alaala ni james..
it did struck me, parang nasaktan din ako...hayyy...

graze_nahil said...

gosh!lola bite sa fanfic mu lang ako na iyak..ang sakit..

"im letting you go"

i heytyou james..!!

daianmendoza15 said...

my favorite chapter! Grabe! nakakaiyak! I feel Devon's pain! "((((

jk022509 said...

mareng bite, sinasabi ko na nga ba eh.. wag munang simulan etong ff na eto.. ayan tuloy nabitin ako.

grabe(ivan mode)

I'm letting you go.

super ramdam na ramdam ko ang mga scenes.. ang sakit sa puso.

jk022509 said...

mare super ganda nang ff mo.. from chapter 1-15 ngayon ko lang nabasa at ako ay nabitin talaga.. ilabas na ang next chapter. (demanding mode)

bLaCk VaNiTy said...

..OMG!..pwede nxt chapter nah?..im xoo excited..sana maalala na ni james lahat kasi kawawang-kawawa na si devon...huhuhu..

"i'm letting you go.." ...waaah!..kakaiyak naman..feel na feel ko talaga yung mga eksena..

..sana may nxt chapter na poh.. :)

aera08 said...

sakit ng HEART ko..huhuh

pang movie po tung FF mo lowla bite

i so love this..

sana next chapter nah!


OMG...D2 SA CHAPTER NA2 AKO NAPAIYAK NG TODO WHEN DEVON SAID '' IM LETTING YOU GO '' huhuhu...i remeberd my past lula bite wen i end up my marriage i used ds line too...sana nxt chapter na agad...!tnx u so much for ur story lula bite i luv u!

connectorbabe_1982 said...

i can't my help myself from crying so hard in this chapter..it hurts me so bad and i never thought that a fanfic like yours could affect my whole being ms bite..bakit ang sakit sakit nung sinabi ni devon na"im letting you go"....it hurts me straight from the heart talaga..huhuhuhuhuhu...

jak said...

anubeh lowla bite!!ang bigat sa dibdib!!feeling ko, ako si devon when she said "im letting u go"... waaaahhh!!!i feel 4 her!!! i wanted to cry!! aynaku james!!!magsisi ka ngaun!!kakainis ka!!!ahehe!!affected na naman ako!!next chap na!!!!pleeaaassseee!!!

lhee said...

nice one lula bite :)
pahirapan mo muna si jaime ha

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