Oct 17, 2010

Chances (Chapter Seventeen)

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XVII.  Meeting Again

Devon and Illian were walking side by side on the way home. It was almost midnight. Their dinner date which started at seven o’clock, lasted through a couple of cups of coffee and a walk in the park.  It was already midnight, when they decided to go home.

Illian is sweet, Devon thought catching a glimpse of the guy who is quietly walking beside her. But I only met him yesterday. She smiled at the thought, she is not the person who would normally go out with a guy she just randomly met. But then, with James… Her thought trailed, her brows creased. 

“You did not enjoy the night?” Illian asked her.

She was surprised with the question, “What made you think that I didn’t,” she asked back.

“Well, your forehead creased and you frowned,” Illian demonstrated what she did.

Devon smiled. “I just remembered something.”

Illian nodded, “And that something is?”

Well, I have to come clean, Devon thought. “An ex-boyfriend.”

“Aah,” Illian said and nodded.  He did not say anything. Devon did not bother continue explaining. 

They kept walking until they reached Devon’s apartment door. Devon smiled and faced Illian, “Thank you so much, for a wonderful dinner.”

“It was nothing,” Illian said, smiling back. “I had a great time, too.”

Devon said goodnight and started to get into the house.  Illian was carefully watching her. He cleared his throat and Devon looked back at him.

“Can you go out with me again,” he asked.  It was a great night with Devon, and he wanted more than just one date.  He wanted to know more about her.

Devon looked at Illian, seriously thinking. I gave it a shot, one date. Am I willing to take another step?

Illian interrupted her thoughts, “I’m going to be honest with you. I had a blast. You’re funny and easy to talk to. I don’t know if you feel the same way. But I really wanted to know more about you. I like you.”

Devon was speechless and she does not know what to say. It’s very rare that a man would be that straightforward with her. Well, except James. The thought angered her.  There were already two instances that she kept thinking “except James.”  It’s about time she takes him out of her mind. He is no longer an exception. 

“Well,” Devon started. “I’m pretty busy this week, but maybe I can make some time.”  Devon took Illian’s phone from his hand and started to punch into the keypad.  Illian was looking curiously at her.  “I already saved my cell and home phone number.”  After typing on the keying in her number, she dropped in into Illian’s shirt pocket.

Illian broke into a wide smile and took Devon’s hands. “You have no idea, how happy you made me.”

Devon smiled, “Don’t exaggerate.  I only agreed to go out with you more.”

Illian laughed and dropped a quick kiss on her cheek and said goodnight. “Bye,” Devon smiled and waved to Illian before she walked inside her house.

Am I really ready for this, Devon thought. She saw Yen and Freya, with Bren, sitting on the living room. Obviously waiting for her and to tell them what happened. She looked at her friends.  She thought of her family.  They were all worried about her. Somehow she needs to let them feel that she’s okay.  Well, you’re not going to lose anything.

She put on a smile before she walked towards her friends.


“I can’t believe it,” Yen reacted while sitting on the couch, watching Devon while fixing herself in front of the mirror.

“What?” Devon asked.

“That you’ve been going out with Illian for almost month,” Yen answered.

Devon paused and looked at the mirror. A month, Devon thought. We’ve been exclusively dating for that long?  “You’re keeping count?” Devon asked Yen jokingly.

Freya joined in the conversation, “It’s not that we’re trying to keep you from dating, but, we kind of surprised.”

Devon sighed. “Why do have to get worried? If I don’t go out, you worry about me. And now, I’m trying to enjoy, you’re still worried about me.”

Freya and Yen looked at each other. “We just want to make sure that you’re doing this, because you want to. Not because you have to,” Yen told her gently.

“Illian is a great guy,” Devon told her friends, sincerely.  Although, not as great as, Devon immediately cut her thoughts.

“Rebound relationships rarely work,” Freya told her honestly.

“We’re not yet in a relationship. It’s just exclusively dating,” Devon reminded her friends.

“We just want the best for you,” Yen countered. 

Devon looked at her friends, they really looked worried about her.  She walked towards them and hugged them. “And I am super thankful for that.” She would’ve gone through everything, without her friends.  Her tears started to swell in her eyes.

The she heard someone knocking on the door.  “Illian’s here,” Devon pulled herself, wiping the tears in the corner of her eyes.  She walked towards the door and saw Illian, dappy as ever, standing outside the door. Devon motioned him to get inside. 

Freya and Yen greeted him, Devon went inside her room to get her purse. She looked at the mirror for the last time. She was wearing an off shoulder, red dress. They would be having a fancy dinner tonight.  Put on a brave face, Devon said to herself. Smile. She practice smiling and then left her room.

Devon said goodbye to her friends and walked with Illian, with his arm wrapped protectively on her waist. Illian was happily talking about his friends and work.  Devon responded politely, dropping a few funny comments and smiling at Illian.

He’s a wonderful guy, Devon, why can’t you just be happy with him, Devon looked at Illian.

They stopped in an Italian restaurant. Devon looked at place and felt panic. They were dining in one of James’ favourite restaurants. 

“We’re eating here,” Devon asked Illian, her voice slightly wavering.

Illian brows creased, “You don’t want to eat here? We could look for another place.”  Illian started to rev the engine up again.

Get over it, Devon scolded herself. You can’t avoid everything associated with James. If you will do that, might as well, stop eating.  “No, it’s fine,” Devon smiled and looked at Illian. She started to unbuckle her seatbelt.

Illian looked at Devon.  He wanted to ask her something, but changed his mind. He unbuckled his seatbelt and immediately went out of the car. He escorted Devon out of the car and they walked inside the restaurant.


James was quietly watching the cars passing by.  He and Allie decided to eat out tonight.  They decided to eat in one his favourite restaurants.  For the past month, everything has not been smooth sailing, as he thought everything would be. Allie has been getting on his nerves, and him on hers.

Allie would get infuriated sometimes, especially when he would insist on eating tuyo for breakfast. She would insist that it makes the whole house smelly, but James wants to eat the dried fish badly.  James could not remember how he started to like that kind of fish.  This past month, he also had a renewed fascination with Jack Johnson’s music. He kept playing the CD, over and over again.  Allie would sometimes beg him to change the music.

There are also simple things that he expects Allie would do, but she never did.  The other day, he asked for a back massage. Allie gave him a bit of it, but it felt different.  There are times when he would pinch Allie’s nose, expecting her to do it back. But she would just get irritated about it.

There is still something he could not place.

“What are you thinking? You’re quiet,” Allie asked.

James shook his head and smiled. I made this choice. “Nothing. I’m just thinking about the last time we ate here,” James feinted.

Allie smiled. “A long time ago,” Allie signalled for a waiter and then James saw her eyes began to open wide, looking shocked or surprised. 

“What?” James smiled and followed the direction she’s looking at.  A few tables from them, James saw her. Three months without seeing her. And here she is, looking exquisite in a red dress, red-hot.

Devon, James thought. She was looking so darn hot. James’ attention was shifted to the man who was helping her into her chair and smiling at her. James felt something hit his chest. Then this guy placed his hand on the back of Devon’s chair, trying to signal the other guys on the restaurant that this is her girl. Then something must have been on Devon’s face because the guy gently wiped her face.  His breathing became haggard and the first thought that came into his mind was, get away from her.

It took Herculean efforts for James to take his gaze away from Devon and her date.  He glanced at his plate at started to shift the food around the plate. Allie was quietly watching him. Quietly watching him.

Stop thinking about her, James thought. You made a choice. You made a choice. James lifted his head up and looked at Allie. Think about Allie. James smiled at Allie.  That smile seems to pacify Allie, since she smiled back and motioned for the waiter again.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the restaurant, oblivious that somebody was watching them. Devon kept on smiling at Illian, he was exceptionally sweet tonight. Instead of sitting opposite her, he decided to sit beside her.  He kept her glass filled, kept asking her if there’s anything else she wants, kept on giving her tissue to wipe her mouth. He kept asking if she’s comfortable enough.

“Illian, stop treating me as a child,” Devon retorted.

“I’m not treating you as a child,” Illian reacted.

“Yes you are. I can do things by myself,” Devon retorted.  She took a bite of the pasta on her plate. Illian got a piece of tissue and wiped the corners of her mouth, gently.

Devon sighed and smiled, “Stop doing that.”  She took the tissue from Illian’s hands and started to wipe her mouth, when she felt somebody was watching her. She lifted her face up and was met by the coldest eyes she could ever see.

Devon’s breath stopped, when she saw James standing a few tables away.  Looking at her. James was staring at Devon.

He’s alone, Devon thought. I bet Allie’s somewhere.

Allie went into the restroom and that was a good thing. She did not see the murderous look on James’ face when he saw the guy sitting beside Devon, gently wiping at the corners of her mouth.

He looks like he wants to kiss her, James thought.  Both of his fists were tightly clenched inside his pant’s pockets. 

He looks like he’s going to kill me, Devon thought.  Never mind him. You’re through. You’re done. Devon threw him an angry look and shifted her attention back to Illian.

James heard Allie walking towards him. He stopped staring at Devon and her date. His jaw was tightly clenched and he was breathing hard.  I have never been this furious my entire life, James thought.  He escorted Allie out of the restaurant.

Devon glanced and saw James and Allie, leaving the restaurant. She took a deep breath. She glanced at Illian who was busy sharing a funny story about a friend.  Devon politely smiled at Illian. Move on Devon, she silently pleaded with herself.


After dinner, Devon asked Illian to bring her home early.  She said that she has a headache, which she really has because of the seeing James. The drive was quiet. Illian kept looking at Devon, thinking if he did something wrong.

Once on the front of their gate, Illian looked at Devon, “Will I see you again?”

Devon was caught by surprise. “Of course,” she said.

Illian did not say anything.  He felt otherwise. Something happened in the restaurant, and he cannot say what it was.  Illian went of the car and opened the door for Devon. Devon started to walk towards the gate of her apartment, when Illian caught her elbow.

Just this once, Illian thought. He pulled Devon towards him and kissed her on her lips.

Devon did not pull away. Just this once, Devon thought. But on her mind, she saw a different man. Illian ended the kiss, Devon pulled away. They knew. Both of them knew, they would not be seeing each other again. They might, but just to part again.

“I’ll call you tomorrow,”  Illian said.

Devon nodded and waved at Illian. She watched him as he got into the car and drove away.  She was about to get inside the house when she heard a voice behind her.

“Who is he,” asked a man who was hidden behind the shadows. She did not notice the car nor the man. Perhaps he has been there watching her the entire time.

“Mind your own business, James,” Devon retorted and started to get into the gate. James caught up with her and held her elbow.

“Who is he?” James insisted.

“A friend,” Devon answered.

“So you kiss your friends,” James angrily pointed out.

Devon looked at James angrily. “What’s wrong with you? Why do you care?”

James was unable to answer her questions. He kept asking himself why he ended up here in this place. Right after dinner, he dropped Allie off in her house and said he needs to go someplace else.  He was so confused, especially when he saw Devon with that good-looking guy at the restaurant.

He was furious, in rage. He needs answers and he would be getting them. He drove into Devon’s apartment and parked outside her home. He kept on debating with himself, when Devon and her guy friend pulled up in front of her home. Obviously, they did not saw him nor his car. He saw them, though. He saw them kiss. And seeing them did that, just made him more furious.

Devon shook at her head and shook his grip on her elbow. “Go home.” Devon turned her back at James and started to move towards her apartment.

“I just want to know how you’re doing,” James feebly answered.

Devon turned around and walk towards James. “I’m great. I’m doing fine. What else do you want to know?”

James turned red and angrily answered back, “I’m just concerned about you.”

“Oh, you’re concerned about me? When did that start James? Oh, I know, you can’t remember,” Devon answered sarcastically.  “What do you expect? That I would be crying over you for the last three months? Just like I did when you left me in La Union? Well, news flash. I’m getting my life back. I’m finally moving on.”

“Don’t make me sound so inhuman,” James answered back.

“James, when you got amnesia, you did forget about me, I accept that,” Devon said. “But you forgot something else. You forgot how to be considerate of other people’s feelings.  You dropped me like a hot potato. You made your choice, and I respected that. It’s time you respect what I do with my life, especially now that you’re no longer in it. ”

James was unable to answer Devon.  She looked at him.  She turned away from James and went inside her apartment.  Just a few steps more, she whispered to herself. Once the door was closed beside her. She cried.  She cried, all the tears that she held back for the last three months were released. And it was life floodgates opening.

James watched Devon walked inside her house. He turned and went into his car. You’ve made the choice James. He banged his hand on the steering wheel of the car and saw that his phone was ringing. Allie was calling. He waited until the phone stopped ringing, and then turned it off.

He leaned back on his car seat. Took a deep breath and started to drive away.

Both of them forgot something that night. Devon has never brought James back into her apartment after his accident. James never remembered going there before.

James found his way, on his own.


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