Oct 13, 2010

Chances (Chapter Sixteen)

XVI. Lost and Reborn

Time could either work for you or against you. It could either heal the wounds or leave a nasty looking scar that would make you feel the pain, over and over again.  Time could either be your friend or your worst enemy.

For Devon, it was neither. Two months after she and James parted ways, time was unable to heal her wounded heart.  But time helped her get numb.  She feels sad whenever she would see their photographs together, but she no longer cried.  She would feel pain when she hears Bren and Freya silently talking about James carefully trying not to let her hear, but she no longer cried.  She has been moving through her duties and work responsibilities, mechanically.  She’s fulfilling her task but she no longer feels triumphant.  She has continued her life, but the past proves to be difficult to forget.

For James, it was both.  In two months, there were snippets of things he would remember:  the death of a friend’s father, being promoted, or an old neighbour who moved away. It was random, and in those random images he would always see a glimpse of Devon in his memory.  Her smile, her laughter, even her tears. And in every random thought, he would feel a pang of pain on his chest.  Physically, he has healed perfectly.  Allie was also wonderful to be with.  But there would be times when he would feel that something was missing.  Something was not in its proper place.  He would shrug the feeling off, but it would come back, again.

And again.

And again.

Allie and James were in the mall and stopped on a record and video store.  Allie was checking the CD shelf, with James standing beside her. He was smiling at each of her comment about the recording artist, when something caught James’ eye.  He saw a shelf of animated films. He started to walk towards them. It was a weird assortment of films, but only one CD stood out. It was the first OVA of Bleach, aptly titled “Memories in the Rain.”

James took the CD out of the shelf and looked at it.  He remembered watching and talking about it.  He felt Allie standing beside him.

“You’re gonna buy that?” Allie asked, weirdly.

James smiled and nodded.  “I want to watch it again. We’ve watched it before. Your favourite character was Rukia, remember?”

Allie looked at James and shook her head. “I have never watched that before. Not even with you. I don’t even know what that show is about.”  She turned away and started to browse through the other CDs.

James looked at Allie. We haven’t watched it before, James wondered.  But I remember watching it with somebody and having a great time.  Could it be?


“Devon, you need to get out more,” Freya pleaded.

“I’m fine,” Devon insisted.  Freya and Yen will be attending a friend’s birthday party.  They were trying their best to coax Devon out of her pajamas and go out with them.  “I like to stay home tonight.”

“My gawd,” Yen countered. “You’ve been staying inside the house for two months.  The only time you’ll leave the house is when you go to work.”

Devon shook her head and started to munch on a cookie. “Not true.  I went out with you guys, the other night.”

“That’s not even qualified as going out,” Freya insisted. “We only went out to get dinner. And it was a take-out.”

“Still I went out,” Devon pointed out. And started to walk away from her friends.

She knows that her friends meant well, but partying is not her kind of thing.  Back in college, she would only go with them just because she does not want guys stalking her friends. But now, Bren would be with them, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Freya’s phone rang and she called on Yen, “Bren’s already downstairs with Ryan.”

“Are you sure, you’re going to be fine,” Yen asked Devon. Freya was looking at Devon guiltily.

“We can stay here if you want,” Freya asked Devon.

Devon started to shoo her two pretty friends, “I’m fine. Go and have a good time.”

Freya and Yen looked at each other, hesitant to leave. Devon started to push them towards the door.  The girls embraced Devon and kissed her cheek, “We’ll be back early,” Freya promised.

“No need to,” Devon answered back. “I’ll be fine.”

It was awfully quiet when the two girls left. Devon clicked the television on and started to surf through different channels. She finished the cookies in the plate.  She got up and opened the fridge looking for the rest of the cookies, only to find the empty wrapper. 

She was looking for other sweet stuff or anything with chocolate on it in the fridge, but she was unable to find any.  She pulled herself up and started to rummage the cupboards.  She hates it when she craves for something and there’s nothing at home to satisfy it.  In less than a minute, she changed into a pair of shorts and decided to go the convenience store nearby to buy the pack of cookies she wants.  Make way for the cookie monster, she thought.


James and Allie were seated together on the couch in Allie’s apartment. They were watching a very funny film.  Allie would laugh out aloud in very comic response that the characters would make.

James was holding the popcorn, when something happened on screen that threw them on fits of laughter,  James instinctively pulled himself slightly away from the laughing Allie. When the funny part was over, he went back to his original position.  Another minute later, they were laughing again and James instincts told him again to slightly lean away.

“Why do you keep doing that,” Allie asked.

“What?” James asked while munching on the popcorn.

“Whenever I laugh, you pull away,” Allie said. “Is it too loud?”

James shook his head. “I didn’t notice that I was doing it.”

They were again distracted by the comic antics on the television. They were again laughing hard and James slightly pulled away again.

“You’re doing it again,” remarked Allie.

James shrugged and noticed that he was indeed pulling away, but not too far away.  “Well I keep on thinking you’re going to hit me. You hit people when you’re too happy.”

Allie grabbed some popcorn and kept her eyes on the television. “I don’t,” said Allie. “I don’t hit people when I laugh.  Where did you get the idea that I do?”

James looked at Allie, “You don’t?”

Allie shook his head and was absorbed again on another fits of laughter because of the television.  But James was no longer laughing with her.  He knew and his instincts told him that when somebody laughs, he gets hit. Hard.  And then in his mind, he heard the familiar laughter, followed by loud slap.

He knew.  He knew it was not Allie.

Devon left the convenience store.  She bought a large pack of chocolate chip cookies, a chocolate bar, a chocolate drink and several chocolate flavoured candies.  Everything in her bag was chocolate and she would eat everything tonight. Whenever she’s not feeling to well, she would often drown herself in chocolates. It is best comfort food ever.  Good this is that she never gains weight easily. 

She was walking back to the apartment, she felt somebody was walking after her.  Devon glanced over her shoulder and saw a figure of a man walking behind her, fast-paced.  Devon doubled her steps and started a turn on the next corner.  She glanced over her shoulders again and saw that the big figure also turned in the corner, following her.

Devon broke into a half run. D a m n, she thought. She was surprised when somebody touched her elbow. She faced the man wildly, her fist already curled into a fist and threw a right handed punch.  It landed squarely in the man’s face.

The man started to howl in pain. Devon was about to run away when she heard the man complained.

“Why do you have to do that,” shouted the guy.

Devon turned around at looked at the man who was leaning heavily on the concrete wall.  He was holding something on his hand, while the his other hand was on rubbing on his face. Devon recognized what the man was holding.

“My keys,” she shouted, surprised.

“Yeah,” complained the guy. “I chased after you for two blocks to return this. Only to get hit on the face.”

“I’m so sorry,” Devon said apologetically. She started to walk closer to the man and was very surprised with what she saw. He does not look like any snatcher, or any guy that would make an evil plan.  He was tall and definitely good looking. But right now, he was flinching in pain.

“It needs some ice,” Devon said. “I think it’s going to swell, if we don’t put some ice on it.”

“Are you a boxer,” the man asked.

Devon tried to contain her laughter. “I actually just live there,” Devon said pointing her house. “We could put some cold compress on that.”

The man looked at Devon.  “Are you going to hit me again?” the man asked.  But the man walked with Devon towards her house.

Couple of minutes later, the man was sitting on Devon’s doorstep with an icepack on his nose. “How does it look,” the man asked taking the icepack away so that Devon could see.

Devon looked at the man’s pointed nose, “Everything’s fine. I don’t think it’s going to swell anymore.” Devon pulled away and watched the tall figure of the handsome guy sitting on her doorstep.  “I’m really sorry,” Devon said. “I thought you’re going to attack me or something.”

The guy gave Devon a sweet smile. “It’s okay.” He pulled himself up and gave Devon back the ice pack. “I need to go.  My friends are definitely wondering where the hell I am.  Thank you. ”

Devon nodded and took the ice pack.  She escorted him towards the gate, when he turned abruptly to face her. “I never introduced myself,” he said. He held out his hand, “Illian.”

She took his hand, “Devon.”

The man smiled and looked at her, “ That’s a very unusual name. I’ll never forget that.”

Devon smiled back at Illian. Illian went out of the gate and said goodbye. Devon saw him walking away, she waved, closed the gate and turned around.  Suddenly, she heard somebody knock on the gate before she was able to get inside the house.  She walked towards the gate and opened it. 

It was Illian. 

“Devon,” Illian said nervously. “Can I ask you something?”

Devon was caught off-guard. 

“I know we just met, and you don’t know me but will you go out with me, tomorrow night?” Illian asked nervously. Devon was surprised and was unable to give any reply.  Illian looked at her face. She probably has a boyfriend, Illian thought.

“Never mind,” Illian said trying to sound casual. “You probably have a boyfriend.”

Devon looked at Illian and shook her head. “No I don’t.” 

Illian looked at Devon, it was his turn to be surprised.

“But I can’t…” Devon was about to explain that she’s not interested in dating yet.

When Illian interrupted. “It’s okay. It was just a wild shot anyway. You just met me,” he laughed easily.  “Nice meeting you again.”  Illian turned his back and started to walk away.

Devon looked at Ilian walking away from her apartment’s gate.  Should I take the chance, Devon thought. You deserve to be happy, Devon.  She swallowed hard and heard herself calling out, “Illian!”

Illian turned around. “Tomorrow would be great. Just pick me up here at around seven. Is that fine?”

Illian smiled widely and nodded. “Sure, see you tomorrow,” he answered.  He waved at Devon again before he started to jog towards the corner.


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Will be posting the continuation of my fanfic as well... back on track na ako.... :-)

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sana lang hindi pa too late:-(

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i can't wait what's going to happen in the next chapter! :)

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OMG! . every chapter make me excite for the next chap and till the next chap and the next and the next and the next. .grabeeh. .. .i lily lily lily love ur choices of words. . waaah. . i felt what the characters felt. .. i feel the pain of devon. . :-(

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