Sep 22, 2010

Chances (Chapter Five)

V.  Longing

It was the middle of the day and James was still lying in bed and bored.  His father just left the house for some errands. His phone beeped, somebody texted him.  He grabbed the cellphone and saw a text message from Devon.

“I’m on my way. Will cook lunch for you. See you!”

James threw the cellphone and slipped out of the bed. He has to make himself decent since  his “fiancée” visiting.  He was looking for a change of clothes when he saw a stack of photo albums in his cabinet.  He took one and started to look at the pictures. They were baby pictures of him and his sister, Laura.  He grabbed another photo album and saw high school classmates in Australia.   He grabbed another album and saw pictures of Bren and Ryan. He was laughing so hard at Ryan’s pictures, he did not hear Devon coming in.

“Hi,” greeted Devon. “Having fun?”

James was smiling at Devon, “Yeah, Ryan is a crazy guy. Why does he have to wear his shorts the other way around?”

For a moment, Devon felt she was talking to the old James.  The one who remembered. He was smiling at her and gesturing her to come closer and look at the pictures with him.  Devon felt as if there was no accident that erased her from the guy he loved most.

Devon was watching James, when she noticed that he was no longer laughing. He was  looking intently at a group photo and he gently touched it. 

“I remember her,” James thought aloud. “That’s Allie.”

Devon felt she was doused with cold water upon hearing that name.  Allie, Devon thought as she looked at the chinita beauty who was smiling at the photo along with James, Bren and Ryan.

“I know her,” James said intently. 

He was not talking to Devon but rather to himself. He closed his eyes and he remembered Allie’s smile, both of them going to college, going to Tagaytay.  Images flashed in his mind, he saw both of them in a fancy restaurant talking about their future.  He saw his own hand holding a ring and Allie exclaiming in delight.

He opened his eyes and looked at Devon incredulously.  Was Devon lying to her all the time, he thought.  Devon felt cold when she saw James looking at her. 

“We were engaged.  Allie and I were engaged,” James said in disbelief.  “How could you say that I am engaged to you, when it was me and Allie who was supposed to get married?”

Devon opened her mouth.  He remembered her, Devon thought in panic.  She was unable to answer and she felt her heart skipped a beat. James got unto his feet and threw the photo album on the bed. He was pacing around the room angrily.  D a m n this, d a m n this, James said angrily.

“You lied,” James accused Devon.

Devon stood up and faced James. “No, I didn’t.”

James looked at her and saw that she was on the verge of tears but courageously fighting them.

Devon continued, “Yes, it’s true, you were going to get married. But you didn’t. You called the wedding off.”

James’s mouth opened in disbelief.  “How could I possibly do that to her?” James exclaimed.  “She’s a great girl. I lo--, ” James did not finish what he has to say and instead looked at Devon

Devon doesn’t know where to start. It was so difficult to explain.  But what hurt her was James telling her how great Allie is. 

“It’s a long story. I’ll tell you after eating,” Devon said and turned around.  She went downstairs in the kitchen and started to cook.  She needs time to get things together.  She needs time to fix herself.

James was still restless even after Devon left the room. I need to talk to her, James thought.  I need to hear what she has to say. James grabbed the cordless phone in his room and looked at his drawers for old organizers.  He was able to find one and looked at the list of numbers written there. He found what he was looking for and quickly dialled.

It took four rings before somebody answered the other line.  

”Hello,” answered a familiar female voice on the end of the line.

“Is this you, Allie?” James asked.

There was a long pause, he thought that she was no longer there. “Yes, James. It’s me.”

James smiled and said, “I need to talk to you. I need to see you.”

“Why, James? I heard about the accident. I seriously want to visit you, but my hands are full right now,” Allie explained.

“I’m confused right now, I know you could help me,” James pleaded. “Please, can we meet?”

James was looking at the picture he saw earlier.  He was hoping that she would agree. Nobody was speaking on the other end until Allie answered, “Okay.”  James smiled and said thanks.  “I’ll call you when we can meet. I have to make some arrangements with my schedule,” Allie answered.

James said yes and goodbye to her. He placed the phone down and sat on the bed.  He did not notice the girl who was listening the entire time outside his room.

Devon heard everything.  They are planning to meet, Devon whispered to herself.  She touched her chest and closed her eyes.  She was about to check on James and remind him of his medicine when she overheard his call.  She could not take her feet of the place. She wanted to run away and towards him at the same time. Instead, she was glued on her spot.

She went down the stairs and into the kitchen.  Numb and hurt.  Devon cooked sinigang, James’s favourite, with the hope of helping James remember the numerous times she cooked the dish for him.  She stirred the broth and thought that it was the smoke from the pot which was making her eyes misty. Silly, Devon said to herself. You’re crying.

The house help went inside the kitchen and asked if she would call James for lunch. Devon wiped her tears and nodded.

“Tell him, we’re having lunch already,”  Devon said quietly.  Everything will be alright, he’s just confused¸ Devon comforted herself.

She was setting the table when James finally arrived in the dining room. Devon could not help notice his smile when he saw the sinigang.  See, Devon thought. Look how happy he is, maybe he’ll remember.

James sat down on the table and started sipping on the broth. He smiled and looked at Devon, “Thank you for cooking this.”

“It’s your favourite,” Devon answered.   She noticed the intense look in James face while eating.  “It doesn’t taste good?”

“No, just a bit salty,” James said casually. “But it’s good.  I remember when Allie and I ate at this Filipino restaurant, the sinigang there is really nice.”

Devon looked at James.  He was wolfing down his food, he did not notice the last statement he said.  He referred to Allie. Devon looked down on her plate.  He remembered her, not me, Devon thought sadly.  She wanted to ask James, why her? Do you still love her, all this time you said you love me. Was it still her?  I thought he would remember me. I guess Bren was wrong.

James saw Devon looking so sad, “No it’s okay. It tastes just fine. What did you use anyway? Salt or fish sauce? Oh never mind.”  

My tears, Devon wanted to answer back.


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CHAPTER 6......

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