Sep 27, 2010

Chances (Chapter Seven)

VII.  Sacrifices

It was a stifling Monday afternoon, James got off a car and instructed the chauffeur to wait for him. He slowly walked towards the restaurant where he and Allie are supposed to meet. Will she come, James wondered.  When he got into the restaurant, he saw a familiar silhouette sitting near the window. He walked nervously towards the girl and saw that it was indeed Allie.

James sat in front of Allie and smiled at her. She’s the girl that I know, said James to himself. 

Allie smiled and asked, “How are you?”

James chuckled and showed the gash in his head. “I guess I’m fine.”

“Let’s eat first before we talk,” Allie suggested and started to look at the menu.

She hasn’t changed a bit, James thought.  Well, based on what I can remember.  Once the order arrived, they started to eat but nobody started to talk yet.  Finally James decided to break the silence.

“I have retrograde amnesia,” James started.  “There are things that I don’t remember.  But there are things and people, like you, that I could remember.”

Allie stopped eating and looked at James. “Is this the reason why you wanted to talk to me? You want to know about the things you can’t remember?”

“Yes and no,” James answered. “There are things that I hope you could explain. Like, why did I broke the engagement off. I don’t remember why I called the wedding off.  And I really want to see you”

Allie was surprised with what James said. “You mean you have no idea what happened with the wedding?”
James shook his head. Allie gave a nervous laugh, “Well, don’t talk to me about it. Talk to your girlfriend.  She knows.”

James went quiet and looked outside the window. “But I don’t know her. I know you.”

Allie was caught off guard. She promised herself she would be on guard and would not let her defenses down. But he said he remembered me, not her. But me, Allie thought.

“Allie, you have to help me,” said James.  “My memory is telling me that it is you I’m supposed to be with. Not Devon.”

Allie placed her fork down and looked at James. “You’re just confused. Why don’t you just talk to Devon and get it over with.”

James placed his hand firmly on the table. “I need you,” James said and held Allie’s hand.


Devon was restlessly pacing in her cubicle. James and Allie are probably tucked in a quiet restaurant and talking. What they are talking is what making her nerves unsettled.  Devon trusts James, with all of her life. But the current James is making her worried.  She tried calling him, but all he got was a voicemail. He probably turned his phone off or left it at home.

After work, she immediately jumped into a taxi and asked her to bring to James’s house. In the middle of the ride, she decided against it.  James would not like it, Devon thought. He would think that I don’t respect his privacy, so she asked the driver to turn around and bring her home instead.

Freya and Yen were already home when she arrived. They immediately sensed that there is something wrong with Devon.

“Is something wrong,” asked Yen.

Devon flopped on the chair and looked at her phone.  She told her friend about James and Allie’s date. 

Freya shook her head in disbelief, “So what are your plans?”

Devon shook her head.  “I don’t know.  The last time I tried  help him remember, remember the sinigang? He thought of Allie.”

Freya and Yen looked at Devon. “Are you just letting things go their way?”

“What if they get back together?” Yen asked.

Devon looked at her friend and she stood up. “I have to do something,” Devon said to herself.

She took the phone receiver and dialled James’s home. She was not expecting him to be there and she was completely surprised when he heard him answer the phone.

“Hi,” greeted Devon. She heard James sighed, it is as if he is waiting for another caller, not me.

“How was your afternoon meeting with Allie went,” asked Devon.

James took a while to answer. He does not feel like talking. “It was alright. We did a little bit of catching up.”

“Are you planning to meet again?” asked Devon.

“You know what, Devon,” James started.  “Let’s just keep our options open. With this memory problem happening, I cannot commit to anything right now.”

Devon was speechless.  Is he trying to end what we have, Devon thought.

“Devon, I know this is hard,” James slowly said. “But I don’t think I can marry you this way.”

Devon closed her eyes. Why does he has to sound so cold? So casual? How could he throw everything away so easily?  I have to do something, thought Devon.

“Could you take a trip with me?” Devon asked.

James went silent on the other end of the line. It took a few seconds before he asked, “What trip?”

“I need to bring you somewhere, perhaps you will remember things clearer,” suggested Devon. Please, asked Devon silently to all the angels who are probably to busy to hear her, please, let him come with me.

“Just one or two days,” asked Devon.

I owe her this, told James to himself. “Okay, tomorrow. We’ll go tomorrow and be back on Wednesday. I don’t want to make things difficult for us, Devon.”

“I know,” Devon said.  She was about to say something else when she heard the phone clicked.  He has already placed the phone down. I never get to tell him that I love him,  Devon sadly said to herself. Despite everything, I still love him.


jak said...

lowla bite!!! ang ganda!!!
nakakainis ka james!! nakakainis ka!!!
go devon!! kaya mo yan, habaan mo patience mo sa lalaki na yan!!
ahehe!! affected???

assuminglangpo said...

kung ayaw sa yo, di huwag hahaha! - lhee

bblyn_1984 said...

sakit naman.....

Liana said...

:'( ouch... Ms bite kailan ung susunod? hehe..adik na adik na talga ako sa mga jaevon fanfics... hehe...

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