Sep 22, 2010

Chances (Chapter Four)

IV. Still Home

The present…

James was in a taxi on his way home.  After almost a week in the hospital, the doctor finally allowed him to go home, under strict instructions that he must not participate in physical activities.  His father was supposed to take him home, but unfortunately, he has an emergency in his restaurant and has to go to attend to his business.

James glanced at the pretty girl sitting beside him inside the taxi. Her name is Devon, she told him.  She was his fiancés, well that was what she and the others told him.  But no matter how much he tried to remember her, he could not.  How can you possibly forget somebody you’re in love with, James asked himself.  Well, that could happen scientifically, just like what happened to him

Darn this amnesia, James though angrily.  The whole week was a complete torture to him. Workmates from the advertising company where he is a department head, visited him.  But not everybody is a familiar face.  He was clenching his fist tightly because of the frustration and Devon noticed it.

She touched his fist and asked, “Is there something wrong?”

James drew his hand away from hers and shook his head.  He looked outside the window again and refusing to talk to her.

Devon sighed.  The week was a difficult for her.  She was patient with James trying to feed him with information everyday, like their anniversary, how they celebrated the last one, their last movie date and their last conversation.  But James was hesitant.  She feels that he does not trust her.   She has been fighting the tears the entire week.  It was difficult for her. But she knew that it is far more difficult for him.  She must be patient. 

The taxi stopped in front of the white big house.  Devon assisted James in getting off the taxi, while the househelp carried his bags inside the house.  James shook Devon’s hand from his arm and said softly, “I can manage.  I know my way around this house.”

Devon smiled and let James walk towards the gate.  At least, with him at home, the memories can come back soon.  She saw James stop in the middle of the gate and touched the metal rails.

“What’s the matter,” Devon asked.

“This gate used to be in wood.” James closed his eyes and continued, “But the last typhoon caused some damage and Dad has to change it. Right?”

Devon smiled and nodded. “Yes, it just happened a couple of months ago.”  She tried to contain her excitement, he just remembered something from the recent events.  She saw James close his eyes, as if he is trying to recall something. 

After concentrating, James opened his eyes again and whispered angrily, “I can’t remember anything anymore.”

Devon touched his arm and assured him, “The doctor said it will take time. Don’t pressure yourself  too much.” James showed no emotions or any sign of appreciating Devon’s kind words.  He just walked inside the house.


Devon was inside the apartment she shared with Freya and Yen.  The three of them started as housemates during college and they remained friends ever since.  She left James’s home a few minutes ago and she is not feeling well.

After settling in the house and making James comfortable.  He casually dismissed her, telling her that she could go home.  Devon tried to argue saying that she could stay until his father arrives.  But James was insistent, telling her that she should rest and that he also wants to rest. 

Devon could not do anything. One thing that amnesia didn’t change is James’s stubbornness and being insistent.  She left his home with the promise of returning the next day. 

It was stressful, her one week work leave has ended and she has to balance work and taking care of a fiancé who cannot remember her.  A glass of ice cold tea was placed in front of her by Bren.  She smiled and thanked James’s friend. 

Devon was not the only one who became happy when James and her got together. He friend Freya met Bren, and they were going steady for almost a year.  Tonight, Bren visited to check on the girls and listen to Devon’s problems.

“How is he?” Bren asked.  Freya sat beside him and listened.

“He’s fine,” Devon said after taking a sip.  “He remembered something. He remembered that there used to be a front wooden gate at his house.” 

Bren chuckled. Freya slapped his hand and threw him a look, “It’s not something to laugh about.”

Bren looked apologetically at Devon but Devon just shrugged it off. “It’s okay. I’m looking at the positive side, he remembered something which happened more than two months ago. It won’t be long before he remembers about us, right?”

Freya sat beside her friend and assured her, “Of course, we know how much that jerk loves you.  After all, you’ve been through, he’s bound to remember something.”

“I think I’ve read or watched something about this,” Bren suggested. “To help a person remember something, the family or the wife would usually bring him to places that’s significant to him or bring items which he could associate to something.”

Devon listened to Bren carefully.  “So you think I should bring him to our memorable places so he could remember us?”

“Why not,” Bren answered.  “At least, give it a try.”

Devon pondered on Bren’s suggestion. There’s nothing to lose.  With James’s memory gone, could there be anything worse than that?


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